Artist statement

I produce minimal, graphic text and color work which explores the boundaries of direct visual language in the post-photographic landscape. I deconstruct colour by showing it as code itself. The depiction as code arises from the necessity to show a new level of reality, resulting from the process of digitalisation. Codeworks occur from reading digital files onto an analogue carrier. When monochrome colour fields are read, the repeating character strings generate complex metastructures.

The logic of my work of creating a technical image of reality by pushing a trigger, has always remained the same, only the image-production machine, the camera, was replaced by a computer. Today, algorithms and code are reality. Just as photography in the 20th century offered art new ways of presenting reality, today the code offers new possibilities for handling reality. In the 21st century, code claims the reality sovereignty.

about my code work:

„The algorithm used to be called God.“
Prof. Dr. Marcus Steinweg 2019

“This work shows how mathematical information can be conserved and nevertheless produce a qualitatively different perceptible impression, if the information 'feeds’ not in a modality-specific way”.
Matthias Hofer (MIT) 2019

„On request is a new way of reading, able to oscillate between abstract characters of algorithmic hieroglyps and the spezific aesthetic of complex character strings.“
Dr. Ursula Stöbele UdK, Berlin 2014

“The spiritual in art today is the code.”
Bazon Brock 2012